Welcome to Infoteq web-site.

Our group of companies provides services for foreign companies, which planning expansion on Russian market.

We would like to help your company with:

  • Legal and custom consulting (including preparing documents for Russian tax department and Russian custom department, helping with tax and custom payments, declarations etc.)
  • Translation and preparation documentations for goods and services (user manuals, Russian quality certificates etc.)
  • Market research and promotion 
  • Finding potential distributors in Russia (finding potential distributors, negotiating process organization etc.)
  • Logistic and warehousing services (including delivery through cargo hubs in Finland from Scandinavian countries, UK, India, China, Pakistan).
  • Promoting goods and services in Russia (advertisement, web sites etc.).
  • Translation services
  • Finding suppliers in Russia
  • Business missions organizing
  • Business trips organizing (including VISA, tickets, transfers, Interaction with the business community etc.).
  • IT outsourcing/out staffing
  • GR (goverment relations)